Tips for Presenters

For more details about tips, download our document below


Using Zoom

  • Make sure your Zoom account is updated

  • Rename Your Participant Name to Include Pronouns

  • Backgrounds/Virtual Backgrounds

    • Avoid virtual backgrounds if your computer processor cannot differentiate the virtual background from your face​

  • Upload a Profile Image

  • Limit Background Noise

  • Microphone

    • ​Can sharpen the quality of your speech

  • Positioning

    • ​Keep the camera where your face is clearly visible and well lit

  • Chat

    • Check the chat often​

  • Co-host

    • ​Presenters will be made cohosts

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Provide Processing and Transitioning Time

  • Provide Time for Expectations of Activities

Present and Share

  • Provide PDF of Slides

    • To ensure slides are accessible to all, provide slides in a PDF file format to participants in the chat in addition to displaying them through screen share.

  • Use an Accessible Slide Design Platform

    • Use the platform that will allow you to make the most accessible presentation and that you are comfortable with.

  • Add Alt Text to Images

    • Alternative text provides image descriptions for those with visual disabilities or those who do not have the internet connection needed to download media. Here is a resource on how to write good alternative text.

  • Tip—Have links, directions, etc. prepped in a separate document

  • Create a list of links, directions, questions, etc. that you might want to copy and paste into the chat so you can quickly copy and paste (copying from PowerPoint can be a bit tricky).


Consistent Slide Design

  • Design Slides with Contrast

  • Choose Sans Serif Fonts

  • Text on Slide

    • Use concise and clear language

    •  If using jargon, provide definitions.

    •  Text on the slide should be an indication for what you are talking about.

    • Text should be 18 pt, or larger, be left-justified when possible, and there should balance of text and white/negative space.

  • Be Intentional Describing Embedded Links

  • Use Embedded Navigation and Heading Systems

  • Do Not Use Color Alone to Signify Meaning

  • Limit Slide Animation

  • Provide Transcripts, Audio Descriptions, or Alternative Formats for Videos and Media

  • ​Links

    • Make sure your links are working. You may want to enter your session a few minutes early to test them. 

  • Create Disclaimers for Media with Sensory Experiences​


Participant Engagement

  • Give Expectations for Participant Engagement

  • Do Not Require Participants to Turn on Cameras or Mics

  • Mute Mics When You Are Not Speaking

  • Summarize Chat Conversations

  • Articulate Slide Content

  • Summarize Activities

  • Interactive Activities Should Be Flexible in How People Participate

  • Give Breakout Room Directions in Multiple Formats

  • Group Breakout Rooms Strategically

  • Debrief or Share Breakout Room Conversations


Other Info

  • Moderators

    • All sessions will be assigned a moderator.

    • Moderators will do the following

      • Open and close rooms

      •  Rooms will open 3-5 minutes prior to the start and will close exactly at the end time.

      • Help with chat, breakout rooms

      •  Monitor the session for “Zoom bombing” or inappropriate behaviors

      •  If a moderator notices inappropriate behavior, they will do two things

        •  Immediately initiate “Suspend Participant Activities”

        • Remove the participant(s) displaying inappropriate behaviors

      • Assist with anything else you need.